Job Description

Job Summary:  Operation of a Vertical Contour Cutter to ensure maximum usage of foam bun/sheet stock, or rolled fiber material with a minimal generation of trim.  

 Position Scope:  Ongoing communication with department supervisor, production supervisor, branch manager, quality control personnel, and coworkers. Works in a normal production environment using highly technical computerized production equipment. Some exposure to temperature extremes conducive with seasonal changes. Major challenges are to safely produce quality products on time and with a minimum amount of waste in keeping with the value of order.


a.       Education:  A high school education or GED is preferred.

b.      Experience:   On the job training is provided.  Some manufacturing experience preferred.  

c.       Minimum Qualifications:  Basic Reading, Writing and Math Skills. Must have some computer experience and be able to use a computer in day to day operations.  Must be able to work flexible hours, weekends, holidays and call-in with little notice.  Must be able to follow written and verbal instructions.  Must be able to work with little or no supervision.

Essential Functions:

1.       Coordinate with supervisor/lead personnel the daily cutting sequence.

2.       Calculate maximum material utilization for foam blocks/rolled fiber to be cut based on customer orders.

3.       Input cutting programs on CNC machines and process cutting operations accordingly. Determine stock to be cut. Sort trim from finished product after completion of cutting process.

4.       Perform quality control inspection of finished product to insure adherence to company standards and customer requirements.

5.       Must also be able to operate the 60-88 slitter, forklift, and be proficient in operating the F&K contour cutter as well as the AV-4 saw as backup operator.

6.       Report any product deficiencies or equipment malfunctions to proper member of supervision immediately.