Job Description

Responsible for maintaining the quality and reliability of the products and services provided to internal and external customers through monitoring and other quality checks on an on-going basis. Responsible for the training of employees to assure that the quality of the products produced meets the specifications, guidelines and standards designed to produce the highest quality product in the industry.


This position directs the activities designed to measure and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the process used for the delivery of products and services. This position operates within defined general methods, guidelines, and procedures to exercise considerable independent judgment to make sure that all guidelines in the manufacture of products that meets the necessary specifications to meet internal and external customers’ needs. The knowledge of policies, procedures, and regulations of quality control work, supervisory techniques, personnel policies, and procedures must be used on a daily basis. The position monitors the work of Q.C. clerks involved in the sampling, measuring, and verifying that product being manufactured meets the predetermined quality standards and specifications.

Three to five years of demonstrated work experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Control in a manufacturing environment; three years of management experience.