Job Description

 Coordinates the assignment of over the road drivers, trailers, and tractors and/or common carriers with the shipping and transportation of products to our external customers to ensure the efficient and expedient delivery in a timely manner using established policies and procedures.


 Assigns particular loads of product to be delivered in predetermined timeframe using established policies, procedures/guidelines and Department of Transportation rules and regulations. Communicates daily with Traffic Manager, shipping clerks, warehouse employees, department managers and external customers. Works in a normal office environment. Major challenge is the coordination of scheduling orders to be delivered on time to meet customer demands.

Essential Functions:

1. Performs duties in accordance with company policies and procedures and complies with all federal, state, and local regulations.

2. Assigns over the road drivers to assigned shipments with the time of departure according to destination, driver or common carrier availability, and availability according to DOT regulations; Maintains a delivery schedule assure that the delivery of customer orders are delivered as promised.

3. Assures efficient usage of trailers and drivers accurately maintaining and using trailer tracking system and driver related DOT requirements and regulations.

4. Handles communication about customer shipments with the Customer Service Representatives, the loading dock personnel/management, production personnel/managers, sales personnel, common carriers, and drivers.

5. Verifies that shipments are shipped on time and informs appropriate personnel.

6. Handles all problems involving delivery issues, unloading problems and customer issues that involving the delivery of product.

7. Assigns product, trim, and raw material back hauls.

8. Compiles data related to fuel and mileage submitted by drivers on a daily basis. Data transferred to a data base used to generate corporate reports.

9. Maintains driver files to ensure records are always accurate, in compliance and ready for a department of Transportation inspection.

10. Maintains a trailer listing report

11. Calculates the drivers’ payroll daily using guidelines that show miles driven, time, number of drops, rolls handled, accumulated time, layover, meals, mileage and fuel usage; Payroll calculation are forwarded to the human resource department for data entry into the KNONOS system on a daily basis.

12. Other duties as assigned by the Traffic Manager.