Job Description

Carpenter Co. has an immediate opening for a Backfillers (cushion filler) at our Longview, NC manufacturing plant on 1st and 3rd shifts.  This position is responsible for filling pillows / cushion ticks (covers) with natural feather, down or polyester fiber products.  Lifting on a repetitive basis is required with this position.  We have 2 open positions.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Hold tick (cover) over the port to allow the blowing of filler material into the pillow / cushion ticks.
  • Weigh each filled pillow / cover on a scale to maintain quality standards based on customer specifications.
  • Move the filled ticks (covers) to the end closing area to enclose the openings.
  • Learn how to enclose the pillows / cushions using the enclosing (sewing) machine.

Skills and requirements:

  • Major duties and responsibilities of the job can be satisfactorily performed with a high school education or GED
  • Prior experience in a manufacturing environment preferred, but not required.

Carpenter Co. is an equal opportunity employer and considers all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or other legally protected characteristics.