Customer Champion (Customer Service Manager)

Job Description

The Champion is the Customer in our Riverside Plant. He/she must have the knowledge and ability to understand the needs of the Customer and implement needed changes through plant management to satisfy the Customer. This requires that the Champion be in a position to monitor and push issues with plant management and sales personnel when needed, to ensure that they are completed in a thorough and efficient manner. The Champion must be able to coordinate and look out for problems that affect the plant, sales and especially the Customer. Communication is the key to keeping these main groups efficient. This will promote a team environment between the company and the Customer.

Communicates with all levels of production personnel, customer service representatives, sales representatives and customers directly. Positioned in the Plant for optimal use as a customer advocate.

Functions essential to this position include:

  1. Perform as an expeditor.
  2. Liaison between the production plant and the Customer.
  3. Help coordinate product changes with production.
  4. Satisfy the Customer without compromising the company’s commitment to produce and ship a quality product at a fair price.
  5. Develop and nurture a partnership with the customer through regular visits / phone calls to the customer.
  6. Know the production process of the customer and know the customer’s process in which our product is used.
  7. Be objective, (look at Carpenter through the eyes of a Customer).
  8. When a Quality issue does occur, communicate it to the appropriate plant departments and management.
  9. Know our processes and look for ways to make production more efficient and cut costs mutually for the company and the Customer.
  10. Possess an adequate knowledge understanding of the Customer’s ordering method.
  11. Possess a complete understanding of how the Customer’s product is scheduled for production and shipment.
  12. Keep Carpenter’s scheduling office informed of any requirement fluctuations.
  13. Main point of contact for all Riverside Division Furniture & Bedding customers to address non-routine issues, who wish to deal with the plant directly.
  14. Communicate issues with customers and salesmen regarding orders, shipments, credit and other business activity.
  15. Assist in troubleshooting, research and solving problems from either the production or sales side of the business.
  16. The Champion needs to be able to monitor both service and quality.
  17. The Champion’s needs to be able to communicate with sales, plant management, line personnel, and the Customer.

No phone calls or agencies, please.

Drug Testing Required.

Carpenter Co. is an equal opportunity employer and considers all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or other legally protected characteristic.